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Sheep Placenta Complex with Pearl Powder, Elastin Collagen 30s
Sheep Placenta Complex with Pearl Powder, Elastin Collagen 30s

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 Sheep Placenta Complex


contains Sheep Placenta + Pearl Powder + Elastin Collagen + Marine Collagen (Collagen from Fish Skin) all in one capsule which makes it the ULTIMATE Beauty supplement available


What is Sheep Placenta?


Our Sheep Placenta is extracted from the sheep placenta of healthy and fine quality New Zealand sheep. It contains rich amino acid, adhesive polysaccharide, gonadotropin, Vitamin E and B series, ferment (malic acid and hydracid), yolk vitelline, lecithinum, and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper.


Sheep Placenta Extract is then sterilized and extracted via a centrifuge process after which it is Freeze Dried at sub zero temperatures to preserve all its vital bio-active health giving properties.


This powder is then sent to USA to our factory where it is used in our capsules.

Its rich amino acid and gonadotropin play remarkable roles of enhancing the energy and nourishing the stomach, fighting  allergy, beautifying facial complexion, rejuvenation of the body to make it younger looking.


Recent scientific research has confirmed that sheep placenta contains rich growth factors, hormones and antibodies, and other concentrated nutrients that can rejuvenate organic tissue.



For baby smooth skin. Sheep Placenta from New Zealand stimulates cell renewal for a younger, smoother, softer complexion.
Sheep Placenta is one of the richest sources of nutrients ever known. The same nourishing factors that give life to the embryo, also works for your skin. Sheep placenta contains essential bioactive regulating nutrients like:
- Superoxide Dismutase:

a potent antioxidant enzyme that protects, cells from free radical damage and reduces the development of melanin, which causes pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin colour.
- Hyaluronic Acid:
encourages quicker healing and reduces scarring.
- Natural moisturizing factors:
provide a hydrating effect for youthful and smoother skin.
- Senescent cell activating factors

Each capsule contains  
- Equivalent of Fresh Sheep Placenta(From 10:1 extract if 200mg Sheep Placenta Powder) 2000mg
- Pearl Powder  
- Elastin Collagen  
- Marine Collagen (extracted from Fish Skin)  


PEARL POWDER - this has been used for centuries as a complexion improving ingredient. As it is very expensive, only royalty could afford to use - like Cleopatra. Now with cultured pearls we all can afford to take it.


Elastin and collagen are vital proteins which are found in connective tissues of the skin. Together they form the structural elements of the skin, making it firm and youthful.

The elastin and collagen proteins in our skin can decrease due to age, environmental pollution, imbalanced diet and stress. Elastin Collagen capsules may help replenish elastin and collagen levels in your skin.

Over time, they help to reduce the appearance of the fine lines on your skin. See improvement in complexion as skin becomes more radiant and supple.


Is extracted from deep sea fish to provide your skin with nourishment. This helps to stimulate the production of skin collagen as well as to assist in skin regeneration and repair.

Our body does not contain sufficient nutrients for the skin to rebuild and repair itself. As a result, skin loses its ability to maintain a smooth, supple complexion. This becomes apparent as we get older. Marine Collagen is identical to the skin's own connective tissue and collagen fibers. It can also attract and bind moisture resulting in skin regeneration and repair.


Try this 4-in-1 beauty capsule and see the difference

in your skin health and complexion.


No sugar, starch, yeast, salt, artificial colours, artificial flavours or preservatives.

Directions :

Take one capsule daily at least 30 minutes before food or 2 hours after a meal with some water.


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