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Fairen Tablets (60\'s) Natural Skin & Teeth Whitening formula
Fairen Tablets (60's) Natural Skin & Teeth Whitening formula

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FAIREN (60's)


For whiter, younger skin and better teeth. You have seen many fair people with yellow teeth. The contrast makes them look really bad, does it not? The main ingredient is Applephenon which was discovered in Japan. It is extracted and processed from the skin of a special breed of unripe Green Japanese apples. It reduces melanin production safely to make skin fairer and has a teeth whitening effect as well. Fairen also has Marine Collagen from England to make skin younger. It is well known that Collagen is what keeps skin young and elastic and that is how Fairen has an anti ageing effect. Applephenon coincidentally also prevents dental cavities and bad breath.

Applephenon from Japan is a Polyphenol (an antioxidant). Studies reveal that it whitens skin colour by reducing melanin production in the body. Melanin is the natural substance that gives colour to your skin. Applephenon reduces your body’s production of melanin and so your skin gets fairer, evenly. Applephenon is natural and has no side effects.

Marine Collagen from England improves skin elasticity to make your skin supple and young. 

FAIREN lightens pigmentation, uneven skin tone, revives and rejuvenates your complexion. Try it for 3 months and see for yourself its effects.

Each Fairen tablet contains  

- A proprietary formulation of Applephenon and Enzymatically Hydrolysed Marine Collagen.



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