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NattoKinase 100 MG Liquified, undried, 2,000 FU\'s per softgel
NattoKinase 100 MG Liquified, undried, 2,000 FU's per softgel

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What is Nattokinase?


To be effective Nattokinase has to be isolated and extracted from Natto as a liquid and encapsulated into softgels. Nattokinase dry powder put into tablets or 2 piece hard vege capsules just do not work as the bio availability is dried off and drastically reduced. Our softgels contain liquid nattokinase from Japan with full 2,000 FU activity per softgel.


Nattokinase is an enzyme with fibrinolytic activity, which is isolated from natto, a food made from fermented soybeans. Japanese people who eat fresh Natto regularly have almost perfect blood pressure.


 The cardiovascular benefits of nattokinase include reducing high blood pressure, improving circulation and normalizing levels of CRP (a clinical marker for inflammation).


  • Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Nattokinase
  • Reduces elevated blood pressure Fibrinolytic activity
  • Dissolves blood clots without inhibiting wound healing Inhibits platelet & red blood cell aggregation
  • Decreases blood viscosity
  • Reduces clinical measure of inflammation (CRP)

    The American Heart Association recommends C-reactive protein (CRP) as an independent clinical marker for inflammation and cardiovascular disease risk (Pearson et al. 2003). Nattokinase has clinically demonstrated the ability to normalize levels of CRP (Jeske et al. 2011).


The usual serving of natto food is 66 g, which has fibrinolytic activity that has been measured as 2,000 FU's. So each of our capsules contains 100mg of Nattokinase with  which is equivalent of eating 66 grams of Natto which is a huge amount for us to consume daily plus it is really not at all pleasant tasting even to most Japanese people. Plus each capsule is standardized to contain exactly the same amount of 2,000 FU's unlike Natto which can vary and so is not useful as a medicine.

The recommended intake level is 2,000 FU/day - one capsule daily at night after dinner or before going to sleep.

Nattokinase is very safe to take at the recommended dose. However, those who are taking other fibrinolytic agents, or have a bleeding disorder, to seek the advice of their physician before taking nattokinase. 



Natto foods have very distinctive smell and flavour so that you need consider where and when to eat them. However, you can take supplements wherever you like.

Natto foods have a high nutritional value but also a high amount of calorie and purine, which you may be concerned with. In contrast, calories in supplements are usually lower so that you do not need worry about the calorie intake.



The Nattokinase activity level in natto commercially available varies from 1,400 FU/ pack (50g) to 2,000FU/ pack. The enzymatic activity of Nattokinase is indicated by FU which stands for Fibrin Degradation Unit. Fibrin degradation method (using FU) is used to indicate a Nattokinase activity level as it is reproducible and accurate to quantify.  It is considered best to take Nattokinase after dinner or before sleep since thrombus is more likely to be produced around the mid night to the early morning. It is recommended to take Nattokinase on a regular basis for those who are over 40 years old, stressed-out, have relatively high blood pressure, and have high blood viscosity due to hyperlipidemia or diabetes.


CAUTION : Those who are on blood thinners like Warfarin or Aspirin should not take Nattokinase without monitoring by their doctors as their blood may become too thin or go into low blood pressure zones.