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CoraCal 90\'s
CoraCal 90's

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Calcium from Natural Sea Corals


21st Century’s Eco Friendly CoraCal  has a natural Calcium Magnesium ratio of 2:1.

Some believe that below sea coral calcium (from the sea bed) is better than above sea coral calcium, and vice versa. While this debate continues, 21st Century offers the safest route with a formula where both types of Okinawa Coral Calcium are combined. The people of Okinawa are renowned for their good teeth, straight spines, good health and longevity, which is attributed to their high mineral intake, from coral calcium which is found naturally in their drinking water. Imagine that. They drink water and are so healthy. All because their water contains calcium from corals!


So why don't you try it and give your body straight spine, great teeth, and great health even when you are 99!


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