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Hand Sanitizer,60ml, kills 99% of all bacteria only $2
Hand Sanitizer,60ml, kills 99% of all bacteria only $2

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21st Century's Antibacterial MOISTURIZING HAND SANITIZER has been developed to kill 99% of all germs with just one use. Unlike other HAND SANITIZERS, 21st Century's HAND SANITIZER has been made with moisturizing ingredients so that your hand does not become dry and chapped. Other hand sanitizers dry up your hand as they do not contain moisturizers.


You can use it as many times as you need to - remember most colds and flu is caused by human contact - with other humans, by touching railings where someone with the flu has touched it within the previous few hours, table top contact etc. So before you eat a sandwich or any food with your hand, sanitize your hand first. When you feed your kids, sanitize your hand so that you do not infect your kids. And you know what? You will be moisturizing your hand at the same time so that your hands will become soft and nice like a woman's hand should be like.



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