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Cranberry Extract Tablets 15,000mg per tablet
Cranberry Extract Tablets 15,000mg per tablet

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Cranberry Tablets 15,000mg per tablet


Cranberries contain a wide variety of powerful phytochemicals that promote wellness, can prevent certain acute infections.

Using antibiotics to prevent recurrence of UTIs can have undesirable side effects, such as gastrointestinal upset and acquired resistance. Cranberries contain highly active compounds called "A-type proanthocyanins", which help prevent recurring UTIs without these undesirable side effects.

Instead of killing bacteria, A-type proanthocyanins in cranberries prevent bacteria from adhering to cells of the urinary tract and bladder. The bacteria are then easily flushed out. Cranberries support urinary tract health by preventing the adhesion of bacteria to the cells of the urinary tract and bladder.

Benefits of cranberries come in many forms

  • Urinary Tract Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Antioxidants

It is an excellent natural remedy to help maintain a healthy urinary tract. Cranberries contain infection-fighting compounds called condensed tannins to fight off baterial infections, including E.Coli.


  • CYSTITIS - Provide effective treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections that is characterized by frequent and painful passage of urine caused by the presence of bacteria in the urinary tract. Cranberries prevent the E.Coli bacteria from adhering to the lining of the urinary tract, cleansing and flushing them out before they can do damage as reported in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association 1994 (March 9); 271 (10):751-754.
  • ODOR - Reduces the unpleasant odor experienced by incontinence sufferers by deodorizing the urinary tract.
  • INCONTINENCE - Helps reduce mucus build-up in the bladder.
  • GOUT - Cranberry's action upon the kidneys help to eliminate uric acid which, when crystallized around a particular joint, causes most of the painful symptoms of gout.
  • MUSCULAR CRAMPS - Cranberry's high potassium content minimizes cramping and spasm of muscles.
  • Supports healthy bacterial balance
  • Soothes and supports the urinary trac
  • Beneficial for the following :
    • Frequent urinary tract infections
    • Frequent urge to urinate
    • Intense desire to pass urine even after bladder has been emptied
    • Urine has strong odour
    • Burning sensation when urinating

21st Century has put in all the benefits of Cranberry juice in a convenient tablet.

Each tablet contains  
- Cranberry Extract equivalent to 15,000mg of pure original Cranberries.  


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