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Nourishair Hair Thickener Gel - Thickens Every Strand of Hair
Nourishair Hair Thickener Gel - Thickens Every Strand of Hair

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 Nourishair Hair Thickener Gel

Developed in the Research Labs in 21st Century HealthCare USA

the Shampoo, Tonic and Thickener formulations are the result

of intensive research on how to use vitamins, minerals and herbs

to slow down and stop hair loss and to rejuvenate hair roots to

grow back lost hair from rejuvenated hair roots.


  • To stimulate regrowth of hair
  • To stop further hair loss
  • To strengthen every strand of hair
  • To thicken every strand of hair
  • Styling gel which also provides nutrients to your hair roots all day long

Nourishair Hair Thickener makes fine or thin hair look thicker by coating each and every hair with a layer of rich protein to give your hair a full-bodied non-oily look. At the same time, it releases Quadroxyn nutrients into your hair.

Directions :

- Shampoo with Nourishair conditioning shampoo
- Apply Nourishair Tonic
- Place a small amount of Hair Thickener onto your palm and apply on damp hair
- Shape hair with a brush as you blow dry with hair dryer on medium heat
- To restyle, apply Hair Thickener to dry hair and shape with a brush