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ANTI STRESS HERBS, 50s, 6 Calming Herbs to keep you stress free
ANTI STRESS HERBS, 50s, 6 Calming Herbs to keep you stress free

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ANTI STRESS HERBS is a non-addictive natural herbal remedy with no after or side-effects which will reduce stress levels that you will encounter in your daily life in a crowded, busy city. Stress is caused by crowded trains and buses, office or factory working stress and even stress in the home. It makes you angry, upset, cranky, raises blood pressure and can even cause strokes. ANTI STRESS HERBS taken daily will keep you calmer, relaxed and healthier as you go about your daily life which will give you more success in your career.

  • Encourages calmness and confidence.
  • Leaves you peaceful.
  • Helps you feel refreshed all day long.


MULLEIN - Helps you relax
CHAMOMILE - Relieves restlessness and stops fidgeting
PASSIFLORA - Helps control quick temper
SKULLCAP - Reduces excitability  
HOPS FLOWER - Increases confidence by relaxing your body
OATSTRAW - Soothes the nervous system to make you less nervous


Take 1 tablet every morning before you leave for work. Take 2 tablets before giving a speech or before an important meeting. People around you will be surprised at your new confidence .


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